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Web Optimisation

Optimising your website is not about secret tricks. Google wants the same things from your website as your customers do. A website that opens quickly. Has interesting content. Is usable on any device. Clearly labelled content and captioned images.

A myriad of different things that improve the overall experience for those visiting your website. Do those and you're on your way to improved rankings.

There is also another side to the coin. Something that is often neglected. What happens after people arrive on your website? How much of your traffic is being converting into actual customers? No point in getting traffic to your website if they give up and leave.

Hunter Website Services is a local Maitland SEO specialist which can make sure this doesn't happen to you. Sometimes it's simple things like a contact form that is too long, or has a word puzzle that causes customers to give up. Sometimes a visitor is looking for something on your website, but cannot find it, even though it's on your website. It could be happening on your website. Have you read your report on bounce and abandonment rates?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Proper SEO is more than meta data and page speed. It is about making sure your website is up to date with information relevant to your customers. What is relevant information? Hunter Website Services are a Maitland based business that can help with that. Specifically, it's having complete product information. Not just names and photos. It's a full description with specifications, data sheets, available options and more. It's writing in-depth information about your previous jobs. With photos and all the relevant steps you took to ensure a job well done. There is no gaming the system. Only websites that are relevant and ones that are not.

Second in Australia for "pioneer tanks", after Pioneer

Right under Pioneer themselves you will find Civcon Water Services. A competitive keyword given the number of distributors for Pioneer Tanks. Being at the top of the list of distributors and directly under Pioneer puts Civcon at a big advantage.

#1 rankings restored after mistakes made elsewhere

Oven Perfect had several top rankings for oven cleaning in Newcastle. Mistakes that were made elsewhere lead to the loss of these rankings. Fortunately every one of them could be restored by Hunter Website Services. With traffic and enquiry numbers returning back to normal.

First page rank for "colorbond fencing" Australia wide

Searching for the highly competitive keyword will show you the Our Town Fencing website on the very first page. The exact ranking fluctuates frequently due to the competition for the keyword, but Our Town Fencing regularly out rank other websites including Bunnings.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Most SEO companies are missing the crucial second step: the sales funnel itself. Hunter Website Services focus on converting customers after they arrive so your advertising budget is maximised. Your headlines, photos and content truly do matter and through A/B split testing we can measure and prove if changes have had a positive effect on enquiries and sales.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Example

Maintenance & Updates

Websites are constant work. So why not get someone else to manage your online presence. From updating products and specials to applying security patches and performing general website maintenance. Hunter Website Services is local to Maitland and able to customise an approach tailored to your website and what it needs. These services quite often include:

  • Analytic Reports
  • Performance Monitoring
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Security Updates
  • Back Ups
  • Page & Product Updates
  • Bug Fixing
  • Website Improvements
  • Link Rot Repairs
  • Functionality Testing

Online Reviews

Craig Godbee
Newcastle Custom Trim
5 Stars
Very happy with the service and attention to detail I would thoroughly recommend HWS to any one wishing to get a web site
Katrina Cooper
Alternative Way to Health
5 Stars
Excellent customer service, very professional and extremely knowledgeable. My website is amazing and the back up and ongoing support has been fantastic. Highly recommend.
Jaime Richardson
Monster Baby
5 Stars
Anthony has been nothing but professional punctual and upto date every single time I called or emailed. I feel that the services were very up to date and relatively easy to use. The price was also very reasonable, I would highly recommend using Hunter Web Site Services. No matter if your business is small or large scale Anthony is the guy for you.