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Web Design

Your brand and identity matter. A businesses' or organisations' web design should reflect the unique nature of that business, and the user experience must be focussed towards the target customer. Settling for anything less means you might be losing visitors to competing websites.

For a website to be effective it must guide visitors towards becoming customers. No point in having thousands of window shoppers if so few are picking up the phone or placing online orders.

Everything from navigation, branding, content, reliability to exclusive features make a difference towards how likely your visitors are likely to convert into customers. Very similar to how good customer service leads to additional sales, so does a good website. To get this right good solid communication from your web designer and years of experience really helps.

Hunter Website Services provide on site consultations at your place of business, to discuss your specific requirements in person and with the actual developer building your website.

Web Design Services

When getting a website there are a few related services that you will need. In addition to the website itself, you will need your website to be hosted on a web server. You will need to register a domain name to get your own website address. Email is another service you will likely want. Lastly, you will want to optimise and maintain your website. Hunter Website Services offers all of these web design services (plus others).

Both new and existing websites

Web Design & Code

Design & Code

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Domain Names

Domain Names

Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Website Repaits & Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

Web Optimisation


Types of Websites

Regular Websites

Suitable for most purposes. A regular website is as it sounds. A website to describe your service and products. Along with all the features you expect from a regular website. Contact form, mobile design and enough pages to adequately advertise your business.

Online Shops

Online shops, otherwise know as ecommerce websites. With all the bells and whistles. Choose your courier. Choose your payment options (including Zippay and Afterpa). Then expand your market with automatic sync to eBay and Facebook Shops.

Custom Builds

Custom made websites are for more a serious internet presence. Whether its a custom website that integrates with your POS and inventory systems. Or a project more akin to a web portal or other internet service. Custom builds are built from the ground up to your specifications.

Winning Formula

A good website meets specific criteria. A long list that is specific to your business and your visitors. Discuss with an expert who your visitors are, who you are and how you are relevant to them. It is not enough to simply list what you do or what you sell. Prove you are the best by demonstrating it on your website.

Talk direct to your developer
Identify visitors and what they search for
Highlight what sets you apart
Monitor and improve with analytics

Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Process

If you have never had a website professionally made before the process might feel like a mystery. Here is a brief overview of what it is like like to build a new website:

Discuss Your Website

It all starts with a discussion to get to your know business. Why you want a website and what you expect it to do. Asking specific questions to extract information like who is visiting your website, why and how to motivate them to get in touch with you. The meeting is free and will typically be at your office (for convenience).

Free Quote

The meeting is used to draft up a scope of work (a Design Brief). After we are all happy with the Design Brief then a free quote is supplied so you can make your decision. There is no commitment at this point. Feel free to chat to your heart's content about all your ideas before committing to anything. When you are happy with the Design Brief and Quote a 25% deposit is needed before starting.

Concept Design

Building a website starts with a design of what your website will look like. Based on our meeting(s) and your branding (if you need it to). These designs are not final just yet. Often undergoing many revisions or even starting over entirely. Until you are happy with the look and feel. When you are happy that is when development begins. With a sign off on the design and another 25% progress payment.

Demo Website

During development you can follow progress via a demo website address. It will start out empty and look unfinished but as development progresses, it will evolve to represent the exact website you will get. If we have arranged for you to put the content in (to save costs, or because you know your business best) then you will be given access to log in and start writing content.


Eventually everything comes together. Your website is finished and ready to go. All provisions for maintaining ranks, emails and so forth are in place. All that is left is the final website payment and the switch is flipped and your new website is up.

Post launch you will likely want support or to make changes to your website. Not a problem. In fact many customers have been with Hunter Website Services for a long time. Getting the support and services they need to improve their websites. You'll have that same post launch support too. Just one call or email away.

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