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Web Apps

Web Apps

Web apps enhance your website. They add features and abilities that are unique to your website, in the hope of impressing and helping your visitors. The primary reason being to make them want to choose you, over a competitor.

What exactly a web app is, can be anything. Some examples have been displayed below in the portfolio. They have been custom built for the clients. A web app can be anything from a simple calculator widget to a full-blown customer log-in portal.

Web apps work on all devices: desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. They also do no need to be downloaded from the app store. They are opened just like an ordinary website. Web apps can also be built with offline support, effectively making them the same as normal apps.

What is a Web App?

Some Example Web Apps

Advantages of Web Apps

It's a challenge to stand out from competition. Without engaging the visitor with something powerful and unique they will move onto another website. Avoid this by making sure they have a reason to stay on your website. Web apps add value and engage the visitor. Retention and conversions go up as a result of the visitor staying with and remembering your brand. Hunter Website Services create custom built web apps specifically to a businesses' own needs. Guaranteeing exclusivity. The web apps that best benefit a business are always unique. What idea do you have that will put you ahead of competitors?

  • Stand out from competition
  • Add services valued by customers
  • Automate business processes
  • Improve sales funnels

Larger Web Development

Perhaps you don't need a simple web app. Perhaps it's an all new idea or business solution that you need brought to life. Fortunately the same technology and process used for building simple web apps is also used for large scale web development. Technically there is no difference. If you're looking for a web developer to work on a new or existing web development project feel free to get in touch or drop by the page below.

Online Reviews

Olivia Chapman
Something More Design
5 Stars
Amazing skills and service to match! Was so help and achieved exactly what I was after. Highly recommend to anyone looking for web development services.
Jaime Richardson
Monster Baby
5 Stars
Anthony has been nothing but professional punctual and upto date every single time I called or emailed. I feel that the services were very up to date and relatively easy to use. The price was also very reasonable, I would highly recommend using Hunter Web Site Services. No matter if your business is small or large scale Anthony is the guy for you.
Craig Godbee
Newcastle Custom Trim
5 Stars
Very happy with the service and attention to detail I would thoroughly recommend HWS to any one wishing to get a web site