Spatial & geographical data for Newcastle websites


A couple of recent projects have lead to Hunter Website Services working with spatial data. Building some unique websites for businesses in Newcastle. It has been rewarding work building these websites. So rewarding in fact it is now a service offered to everyone.

Get in touch if you need to build a website or web app.

This includes any website or web app that uses geographical boundaries or geographic features. Data like addresses, land or property, council boundaries, internet and mobile coverage or even census data.

The projects mentioned earlier will be shared on the main website when they are finished. Building them has required familiarity with all the main geographical file standards. Including KML, GeoJSON and WKT as well as working with the ArcGIS API.

While working on these projects it has also been fun to look over some of the other data available. Data provided by our own government for public consumption. You can find some interesting data over at, SIX Maps (NSW) and the National Map.

For websites and web apps that use spatial data, get in touch with Hunter Website Services.