How much does a website cost?

Why website prices can vary

How much does a website cost? A simple and straight forward enough question to ask. Yet when you do you’ll be presented with wildly different quotes for the exact same website. I’ve put this article together to explain some of the reasons behind why, but also highlight some of the caveats of cheap development. There are two major factors that effect developments cost of a website, they are:

1. Tailored Experience vs Standard Stock

The nature of computer software allows it to be copied and reproduced very quickly. A natural fit for producing cheap websites, but it provides no flexibility for optimising the very reason for having a website: to bring in new customers.

There are appropriate use cases for using standard designs, although I can really only recommend them to the newer and smaller businesses of Newcastle who are living on a tight budget. The reason for that is that visitors will leave a website in under 10 seconds if they have not been sufficiently engaged. You must showcase why the visitor needs to do business with you in that short window of opportunity. A one sized fits all approach unfortunately cannot provide any consideration to your specific business.

Having a website built towards the strengths and unique nature of your business makes you stand out and attracts potential customers. It also ensures that the user experience is geared towards converting that visitor into a customer.

Tip: There is no point paying for advertising if your website is not converting. It is wasted money. Have it professionally updated based on some objectives (sell more of an item, educate visitors why you are the best, etc).

2. Local vs Overseas

Labour is cheaper in countries that have a lower cost of living than Australia. For this reason outsourcing to overseas countries has become a very popular cost cutting technique in web design.

I don’t recommend you use any studio that out-sources overseas, for either new or for established businesses. There are risks associated with outsourcing. In general communication and service suffers when it travels over middle-men and across language barriers. Additionally the quality of work can be very inconsistent because outsourced workers are constantly replaced, what you see on the studio’s website portfolio page may not reflect the quality you get. Always ask local web studios if they keep the work within Australia, as many do not promote the fact they outsource.

Conversely if you have your site developed locally you have added accountability and protection. The possibility of meeting your developer in person also dramatically speeds up and clears up communication, ensuring the result you want.

Tip: I recommend keeping it simple. Stick with local talent that do the work themself, this way you can discuss your website directly with the person building it.

So how much will it cost?

You’ll have to excuse the use of a tired old platitude, but the phrase: “How long is a piece of string?” applies here. All work by Hunter Website Services is appropriately scoped and quoted before you have to make any payments or commitments. If you would like to know how much you might be up for, set up a short meeting with me to discuss your reasons and objectives behind having a website.