How to sync Windows fonts with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Simple Command Line

Syncing your Windows fonts with Linux running in WSL is pretty simple. Just enter the following into your WSL command line.

ln -s /mnt/c/windows/fonts ~/.fonts

It’s that simple, nothing else to worry about.


The above command simply creates a symbolic link. Linking your Windows font directory with one of the directories checked by Linux for fonts. If you install any new fonts in Windows they will automatically be added to WSL because of this link.

If for whatever reason Windows is not installed on Drive C, then you will need to change the command line a little. Replace the “/mnt/c” with the correct drive letter for Windows. So if Windows is installed on Drive D use “/mnt/d/windows/fonts” instead.

How to add dynamic single page URLs to Concrete5 sitemap.xml

At some point while working with single pages in Concrete5, you may come across the need to add your own URLs to the sitemap.xml file. So that search engines are aware of the pages you have made. It doesn’t have to be for a single page however. This guide is quite simply how to manually add pages to your sitemap.xml file the correct Concrete5 way.

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Now a Shopify Partner

Hunter Website Services is now a Shopify Partner. Several clients have been expressing the desire to sell on eBay and Facebook lately. Using one platform to power their website, eBay and Facebook stores. Shopify does very well, so the decision to become a partner was made. If you’re interested in setting up or moving to Shopify, there’s now someone in Maitland who can do it.

How much does a website cost?

Why website prices can vary

How much does a website cost? A simple and straight forward enough question to ask. Yet when you do you’ll be presented with wildly different quotes for the exact same website. I’ve put this article together to explain some of the reasons behind why, but also highlight some of the caveats of cheap development. There are two major factors that effect developments cost of a website, they are:

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