How to sync Windows fonts with WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Simple Command Line

Syncing your Windows fonts with Linux running in WSL is pretty simple. Just enter the following into your WSL command line.

ln -s /mnt/c/windows/fonts ~/.fonts

It’s that simple, nothing else to worry about.


The above command simply creates a symbolic link. Linking your Windows font directory with one of the directories checked by Linux for fonts. If you install any new fonts in Windows they will automatically be added to WSL because of this link.

If for whatever reason Windows is not installed on Drive C, then you will need to change the command line a little. Replace the “/mnt/c” with the correct drive letter for Windows. So if Windows is installed on Drive D use “/mnt/d/windows/fonts” instead.

How to add dynamic single page URLs to Concrete5 sitemap.xml

At some point while working with single pages in Concrete5, you may come across the need to add your own URLs to the sitemap.xml file. So that search engines are aware of the pages you have made. It doesn’t have to be for a single page however. This guide is quite simply how to manually add pages to your sitemap.xml file the correct Concrete5 way.

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Now a Shopify Partner

Hunter Website Services is now a Shopify Partner. Several clients have been expressing the desire to sell on eBay and Facebook lately. Using one platform to power their website, eBay and Facebook stores. Shopify does very well, so the decision to become a partner was made. If you’re interested in setting up or moving to Shopify, there’s now someone in Maitland who can do it.

Free SSL Certificates with Website Hosting

Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have increased in importance over the years. They are needed for more than just protecting sensitive data. Today Google gives improved rankings to websites that are secured with SSL certificates. They also warn users when they are on a website without one. We have reached a point in time where SSL certificates are mandatory for any website. To that end, all hosting packages with Hunter Website Services now offer SSL certificates. Included at no additional charge.

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How much does a website cost?

Why website prices can vary

How much does a website cost? A simple and straight forward enough question to ask. Yet when you do you’ll be presented with wildly different quotes for the exact same website. I’ve put this article together to explain some of the reasons behind why, but also highlight some of the caveats of cheap development. There are two major factors that effect developments cost of a website, they are:

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A happy move to Maitland for this web designer

It’s been 2 years since moving to Maitland. A great location, especially for businesses. One of the few areas with true fibre to the building NBN internet. It’s also close to Green Hills shopping centre and an area that is growing fast. If your business is also in Maitland, why not get in touch with your local web designer?

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Spatial & geographical data for Newcastle websites


A couple of recent projects have lead to Hunter Website Services working with spatial data. Building some unique websites for businesses in Newcastle. It has been rewarding work building these websites. So rewarding in fact it is now a service offered to everyone.

Get in touch if you need to build a website or web app.

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Loving unlimited NBN

For the past week Hunter Website Services has been running on an unlimited NBN plan. It has been absolutely fantastic and an incredible breath of fresh air. Particularly when it comes to working with large files like backups, artwork files and virtual machines. It’s significantly faster and more reliable.

The NBN has been rolled out to Maitland and is currently being rolled out to the rest of Newcastle and the Hunter. It is worth noting that not everyone has had a painless transition to the NBN though. Be cautious if you’re investigating the switch for yourself or the office. It may be worth holding off until a neighbouring business or household has gone through the process and can give you some feedback specific to your area.

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Welcome to the blog

Here it is, the first post on the new blog platform. The blog has been launched as a channel for publishing helpful and insightful articles to help you regarding various web design topics.

In time there should be some good tutorials and other self help resources to assist you with managing or improving your website. In addition you should also find updates on what’s happening at Hunter Website Services. As well as the occasional coding tip to help fellow web design and developers solve problems.

Don’t forget this blog is not our main website. More information can be found on the main Hunter Website Services website regarding services, examples of work and more.