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There is something wrong with your website and you need it fixed. ASAP. As long as things aren't right there is the potential for lost opportunities. Not to worry, you're in the right place and can get the ball rolling on your website repairs. Hunter Website Services has become an expert in repairing websites after over 20 years of working on them. Everything from small unexpected bugs right up to fixing catastrophic security breaches.

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What's Different at Hunter Website Services

To start with, over 20 years experience in the industry. Dealing with every kind of website under the sun. Websites are also repaired here in Australia and never outsourced. In fact, you may communicate directly to who is doing the repairs for you over the phone and via email.

Hunter Website Services don't only do website repairs. Browse around and take a look at some of the creative websites and web apps that have been built. The full suite of website services are available here, everything from website hosting to optimisation.

Restore lost content

Restore lost rankings

Fix page speed

Mobile friendly updates

Fix miscellaneous bugs

Secure hacks & breaches

Find a new web designer

Previous Success Story

oven-perfect-mobile.pngOven Perfect needed to restore their #1 ranking in Google after some missteps by their previous designer. They also wanted to update their design to be mobile phone friendly.

Hunter Website Services was able to do both. Restoring several lost pages which also resulted in Oven Perfect's ranking in Google to be restored. The result of the mobile update is now a clean and easy to use website for all devices. There is a small preview to the side, or you can check them out. They're #1 in Google for "oven cleaning" in Newcastle NSW.

Anthony has been very knowledgeable with our small business website and has good attention to detail. (5 Stars)

Kristen Fraser, Oven Perfect (see Facebook review)