Web Optimisation

Search engine & conversion rate optimisation Newcastle

Website Optimisation

You'll be surprised at what people type into Google and the opportunities left wide open for your business.

Stop chasing highly competitive and vague keywords and go after the low volume, but high quality keywords. You want to convert people once they arrive, not throw money at uninterested visitors.

Then once you have the visitors you have to ensure they are converted to customers. Conversion rate optimisation is not as well known as search engine optimisation but it is equally as important.

With a combination approach including both search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation your website will become a powerful enquiry and sales generating tool for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get seen in Google and other popular search engines including Bing and Yahoo for key phrases which your customers are searching for. Monitor your ranking for targetted keywords in these search engines as well, and even monitor your competition if you like. Mobile friendly testing, speed testing, error checking are just a small part of everything done for SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Many SEO companies in Newcastle are missing the crucial second step: the sales funnel itself. Hunter Website Services focus on converting customers after they arrive so your advertising budget is maximised. Your headlines, photos and content truly do matter and through A/B split testing we can measure and prove that changes have had a real effect on enquiries & sales.

Maintenance & Updates

Websites are constant work, so get someone else to manage your online presence. From updating photos and specials to applying security patches and performing general website maintenance Hunter Website Services is able to customise an approach tailored to your brand and website.