Staff Training System

Educate and test product knowledge of sales personnel

Training system project

With sales staff across multiple stores and a large network of distributors, Our Town Fencing require an efficient way to communicate their unique product line and sales procedures electronically via the internet.

This was solved by Hunter Website Services with a purpose built Training System to educate staff, test them on their knowledge and then to inform participants of updates to product information via SMS.

The result was a turn-key application that ensures all sales personnel are operating with full product knowledge at all times and has saved numerous hours inside head office.

Simple to use

The training system is so simple that anybody can use it without needing any assistance or instructions. All that is required is a unique login key.

Knowledge retention

Sales personnel product knowledge is assured by the quiz they receive after completing the training presentation module.

Communicate to teams

Individual distributor and sales teams can be contacted via SMS regarding product updates, their sales quota or for any other purpose.