Item Service History

Track items for internal and customer service advantages

Service history project

Paper systems for maintaining service history records are problematic. They requires lots of physical space, make administration a nightmare and all of it could be lost with a single fire or flood.

Going electronic is the answer. At Austindo Consulting Services they went one step further and provide the history of their refurbished parts to the customer who received it. A unique service valuable within the mining sector.

Data entry for engineers is fast and simple via phone or tablet, as is looking up an item's service history. In addition to the ease of use the business is now protected from the risks of a paper system.

Value for the customer

Refurbished items have a full service history. A valuable service within mining for both the servicing contractor and the customer receiving the item. A unique service competitors are not offering.

Risk reduction

Protection from fire and flood plus also from user error as well. Data validation on submission of a service item enforces proper data integrity and reduces incorrect data entry.

Anywhere, any device

The system can be used on-site or at the office on phone, tablet and desktop without the need to install software or apps. Fast and dead simple for both the end user and engineer.