Order Progress Tracker

An exclusive value adding service for customers

Order progress project

In the competitive retail space it is essential to provide unique and helpful services to the customer. Without a strong point of difference the customer will struggle to remember or decide on a business.

At Our Town Fencing they have an order progress tracker, developed by Hunter Website Services to integrate with their existing systems and framework. All customers at the point of sale receive an order number which they can use to track their order online.

Customers have found great value in the progress tracker, enabling them to know when they can expect their security fence or pet enclosure helping them to make decisions. A feature that many other industries could benefit from.

Unique service

A point of difference the competitors do not offer which is leveraged to convert customers. The Our Town Fencing Job Tracker is a unique system developed by Hunter Website Services.

Automated system

This order progress tracker is updating with information already flowing through business operations at Our Town Fencing and added no office overhead when it was implemented.

Value for the customer

A valuable service to improve customer retention. As well as being able to track the progress of their order via the website, customers are notified the order is ready for pick up via SMS.