Web Apps & Development

Boost conversions and stand out from the crowd with an original web app

How to stand out

It's a challenge to stand out from competition. Without engaging the visitor with something powerful and unique they will move onto another website. Avoid this by making sure they do not leave.

Web apps add value and engage the visitor. Retention and conversions go up as a result of the visitor staying with and remembering the brand. Hunter Website Services create custom built web apps specifically to a businesses' own needs, which guarantees exclusivity.

The web apps that best benefit a business are always unique. What is the dream app that will excel yours beyond the competition? Build it, before they do.

Web Apps Keep Visitors Longer

Add value for customers

Offer unique services that are available no where else. Connect your business to share job progress, inventory details or appointment times. Provide web apps customers will appreciate and use to add value for them.

Knock-out competitors

Do what they are not. Visitors notice web apps and make decisions based on them. Visitors share useful web apps with others and choose one business over another because a web app provided them with an important service they wanted.

Convert & retain customers

Web app keep visitors on your website for longer, add value and make the business stand out from competition. Giving you an increased chance in converting them into a customer and retaining them as a believer in your product and service.

Examples of exclusive web apps

Item service history

Item service history
Austindo Consulting Services

Tracks item service history along with essential service details.

Case study

Staff training system

Staff training system
Our Town Fencing

Educates sales staff, tests their knowledge and keeps them updated of product changes via SMS.

Case study

Order progress tracker

Order progress tracker
Our Town Fencing

A service that notifies a customer by SMS when their order is ready to be picked up.

Case study

Exclusive & custom built

Ensure nobody else has the exact same services on their website. Web apps built by Hunter Website Services are coded specifically for a business and how it can add value for the customer.

Talk direct to your developer

Discuss your idea directly with your developer. No labour is outsourced, it is performed by the one you speak to which ensures a quality result that matches your businesses' branding and requirements.

Satisfaction from customers

With over a decade in web app development, Hunter Website Services can ensure your customers are satisfied by making fast and responsive web apps that require no software or apps to install. A pleasant experience for your customers.

What are web apps?

They are not iPhone apps.

Web apps extend the ability of a website to do much more. Some examples have been listed above although anything from an online insurance calculator to Google Calendar are considered web apps.

They are opened just as you would an ordinary website. They work on computers not just phones and do no need to be downloaded as an app.

The service offered by Hunter Website Services is a consulting and web app development service which takes your idea or desire to do something original and turns it into reality as a part of your website and online identity.

Web Apps Increase Conversion Rate

You can be more competitive
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