Technical Jargon

What is a "Domain" or "Domain Name"?

It is the address typed into the address bar to access a website. For example our domain is "". You can check out our domain prices on our domains page.

What is a "URL" or "Uniform Resource Locator"?

Another term for the address typed into the address bar to access a website. A URL includes a "protocol" at the start. For example our URL is "".

What is a "DNS" or "Domain Name Server"?

Your website hosting and domain name hosting can be provided by two different companies. The DNS links them together. The DNS is an address entered with the domain name host to tell it where to redirect, translating the domain name to a physical server location. Below are our domain name servers:


What is a "TLD" or "Top Level Domain"?

The TLD is the ".com" at the end of your domain name or email address. There are many different TLDs from ".com", ".net", ".org" to "", ".info" and even ".tv". You can check out our prices for TLDs on our domains page.

What does "Open Source" mean?

Open source is a form of copyright licence. All software released under an open source licence is free to download and use. The most common open source licenses, known as the GNU and GPL both allow unrestricted private and commercial use of the software. Almost every website created by Hunter Website Services utilises open source software. It means lower costs and you are not locked into proprietary software.

What is the "cPanel"?

It is a feature of all our hosting packages that allows you to do many powerful things. Primarily it is used to view your website statistics, create/check/delete email accounts and create databases. It is a powerful area and you must keep your password secret.

What is an "ISP" or "Internet Service Provider"?

An ISP is a company who provides access to the Internet. Your ISP is the company that you pay your monthly Internet bills to so that you can use the Internet. Hunter Website Services is not an ISP.