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Setup Instructions

Substitute any references of "" with your actual website address

Is the email address with the @ symbol replaced by a + symbol. For example
Contact me if you do not have your password
Server Type
Incoming mail server
Outgoing mail server
Outgoing mail port number
Enable: "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"
Disable: "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"

Alternative video links: Outlook 2007, Outlook Express X

Troubleshooting Guide

Telstra Bigpond Customers

The configuration provided above will not work for Bigpond customers, as Telstra actively block connection to all outgoing mail servers except for their own.

Leave the incoming mail server as is and change only the outgoing email settings to Bigpond configuration. There is a link with instructions below.

You must fill in the username and password for laptops. Otherwise emails will not work when you go to a different location where the internet provider is not Telstra.

Click here for the instructions on how to set up Bigpond outgoing mail server.


It is only necessary to set up one outgoing server (also known as SMTP) for an email client. If your email client is already set up and it is sending emails correctly, you do not need to use the Outgoing mail server and Outgoing mail port number listed above. You also will not have to enable "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" (leave it how it is).

Webmail facility

If Outlook is not connecting or you are not using your regular computer and would like to access your emails, you can use "webmail".

Log in by going to the address, Replacing "" with your actual website address. Log in using your email details, get in touch if you do not have these details.

"On Behalf Of" Message

This happens when you opt to send out via one email address, but the "outgoing" mail server login details it uses to send is actually for a different email address. There is nothing broken with the setup, but you get a "on behalf of" message.

To remove this message you will have to set up each email address to send out via its own outgoing mail server (or same server but with the unique login details for that specific email address).

Broken at home, fine at work

If your emails are working at work but not at home, or the other way around. The most common reason for this is that you have Telstra Bigpond at one location and not the other. Alternative you could be with another provider that blocks outgoing mail servers.

Please read the instructions for Bigpond customers.


Understanding Email

1. pop3 imap

2. incoming

3. outgoing