Freelance Web Developer

Full stack web developer from Newcastle Australia

I'm Anthony Felton

Work is plentiful, the projects are green lit and everyone is eager for results. A great looking picture, but one with important deadlines to meet. Its time to bring in an additional resource. Somebody local and with experience.

As a member of your team I will provide additional capacity and expertise for any web development task. I am a full stack developer proficient in both front end and back end coding with over 19 years experience working with websites and related technologies.

My skill set will enable you take on more work and offer new services.

Freelance Web Developer Benefits

Increase job capacity

As an additional resource at your disposal I will be increasing your work capacity. Expanding on the amount and the quality of work already being produced, resulting in higher profitability and a healthier business.

Offer new services

I enable you to deliver entirely new products and services to your customers. As a PHP and JavaScript developer there are many systems that I am fluent in, or have created, that are currently a part of many businesses' daily operations (see below).

Assistance with problems

Occasionally a project falls behind schedule, a talented employee leaves or general assistance is required. With over 19 years as a full stack developer I can put projects back on track as a developer and as a consultant.

Portfolio of web design & development

Alternative Way To Health

Concrete5 website
Alternative Way To Health

The unique atmosphere of Alternative Way To Health has been captured in this calming, candle lit design.


Camping Country Superstore

Magento website
Camping Country Superstore

Navigation was the key to communicating Camping Country's extensive product range without pushing content below the fold.


Newcastle Custom Trim

Joomla website
Newcastle Custom Trim

A header that instantly communicates the services Newcastle Custom Trim offer, as well as the quality of their custom trimming work.


Item service history

Service history webapp
Austindo Consulting Services

Tracks item service history along with essential service details.

Case study

Staff training system

Staff training webapp
Our Town Fencing

Educates sales staff, tests their knowledge and keeps them updated of product changes via SMS.

Case study

Order progress tracker

Order progress webapp
Our Town Fencing

A service that notifies a customer by SMS when their order is ready to be picked up.

Case study

Front end developer

User interface and front end development following established best practices for:

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Vue.js 2.x
  • AngularJS 1.x
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • jQuery & jQuery UI

PHP developer

I am a specialist in the PHP Laravel Framework with over 10 years of experience as a PHP developer in Newcastle. Over the decade I have worked with various frameworks including Smarty and Symfony. Topping my list are:

Website design

High quality, standard compliant and cross-browser compatible templates for many popular systems:

  • Concrete 5
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Pimcore
  • osCommerce
  • Business Catalyst

Newcastle based developer

Accountability can be assured by knowing work is being done by a local Newcastle web developer. No challenges with communication or time zones.

Meeting in person is an advisable way to discuss your requirements. Good communication is essential in finding a good fit for any project and team.

I am available to work within your office and also equipped to work remotely with a continually open line of communication. If advantageous it is also possible to operate under a combination of the two depending on your requirements and work culture.

Work is possible under flexible contract, temporary and on-going arrangements and I possess a desire to work with Newcastle's top talent to foster long term and mutually advantageous relationships.

Freelance Web Developer Anthony Felton